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For your stay with family or friends, we can privatize the villa up to five bedrooms. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote according to your expectations and specific needs.


As part of privatization, the villa has 3 to 5 bedrooms to accommodate up to 10 people, access to three lounges and a dining room for an approximate total of 200m2. Breakfast is included with a possibility for lunch and dinner. The menu varies according to market encounters and fishing returns and can be adapted to your wishes.

An exemple  for 1260€

Four bedrooms from Friday to Sunday

Breakfast and dinner included for eight persons.

An example of menu

6 fine Blainville oysters and red mullet, lime and ginger tartar



Spider crab and crispy cauliflower creamed with espelette pepper

Cotriade du Treport saffron
(fish soup with red mullet, sea bream, holy stone, cockles, live and crab)

Neufchatel (plain or roasted)

Marquise with chestnuts and hot chocolate or
Chocolate Almond Custard Delight

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